The Amazing Molecules Resource Page is a simple place to find information on websites and conference calls as well as download various documents and powerpoint presentations.


Amazing Molecules Core Funnel Tools

Redox Life – Got 4 minutes? This short pique interest video will give your prospects a great preview of the ASEA technology and opportunity.

Redox Life – Got 3 minutes? This short pique interest video will give your prospect a great preview of the ASEA technology with no mention of the business.

Amazing Molecules –The Main presentation site for someone open to learning more about the technology and business opportunity.

Amazing Molecules–The presentation site for someone wanting to only know about the technology (no interest in business)

Amazing Molecules – The site you are on right now! This site is designed to help you and your new associate get started right. Starting with


ASEA Associate Websites

ASEA is where your customers can BUY and associates can JOIN your team. You choose this username at time of enrollment.

ASEA Virtual Office:– Login into your account with your username and password to track your business as it grows.

Additional Presentation Tools

Health Professionals (Ask your upline for password) – This is where several recorded webinars with health and medical professionals discussing the ASEA technology are archived.

Animal Webinar: (Ask your upline for password) – recorded webinars with animal experts who discuss their experiences using the ASEA technology with animals.

My Redox Tools: store where you can purchase independently made Redox Tools, such the testimonials book and booklet as well as Dr Ward’s and Dr Samuelson’s books.

Science Web Site: – It is certainly NOT necessary to understand the science behind “Redox” to be successful in the business. However, for those interested, this website is a great resource.

ASEA Corporate Websites

ASEA – This is the official online home of ASEA Corporate.

ASEA Events: – Need to book or purchase a ticket for an important ASEA event, Regional or Convention? This is where you go.

ASEA Science: – ASEA’s website dedicated to the scientific validation of our Redox Technology.

I am ASEA: – Learn more about associates who make up much of the field leadership in ASEA. The monthly In Touch call is also archived here.


Charge Up

Monday thru Friday at 11am EST(712) 432-0075Passcode 635808#
Recorded – until next call (24hrs)(712) 432-1085Passcode 635808#

You charge up your cell phone every day, so why notcharge up your ASEA business by tuning every morning Monday through Friday for a short 25 minute call. Each call starts with valuable product testimonials that will help build rock solid belief in the ASEA technology. Also features News and Announcements as well as training on the A-LIFT process.

Sizzle Call: (800) 444-6918 Ext 700 (product only) Ext 702 (product and business)
These short calls have the same message as the Redox Life Preview videos.


ZOOM – Zoom is a fantastic communication platform that allows up to 100 or more people connect in an online meeting room. This is the main communication platform used by field leaders and corporate alike.

The Redox Breakthrough: Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

The ASEA Opportunity: Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Introduction to the Comp Plan: Click Here to download the PowerPoint presentation